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The Queen, the Beatles, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, lavish castles, manicured gardens, aristocratic residences, beaches, traditional universities and throbbing metropolises:  Great Britain is incredibly diverse. Take a journey with us into the heart of the British Empire and join us in a foray through its stunning cities. Let’s go!

London – multifaceted

What could be better than to start with the British capital?: Well, the city on the Thames looks back at almost 2000 years of history and therefore offers a long list of monuments. Whether it’s Westminster Abbey, Kensington Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace or Big Ben– the British capital offers plenty of possibilities to immerse yourself in its eventful history.

And if that isn´t enough: as a metropolis, London also impresses the visitor with its singular atmosphere, which has always attracted artists, trend-creators and freethinkers. That is why the visit is at the same time a date with pop culture, the Avant-garde and the Hippie movement.

Cambridge – the intellectual city

The capital of Cambridgeshire County in eastern England is best known for its university, of which it is rightly proud: founded in 1209, the elitist University of Cambridge has given birth to more Nobel laureates than any other university in the world.

Cambridge can also impress with its long history, which reaches back to the late Bronze Age, and with its Gothic architecture, which gives the city on the Cam River a stately note.

York – the eternal city

Likewise situated on a river, peaceful York is also called “the eternal city” on account of its Roman origin, when it used to be the capital of the north England. It played an important role then, although under the name of Eboracum, which means “the place where the yew trees grow”.

Medieval walls bear  witness to  the city’s turbulent history, as do an 18th century mill tower and the second northern European-sized gothic cathedral, the York Minster.

Durham – the lovely city

Further north than York is Durham, whose old town is surrounded by the Wear River. The city is best known for its 11th century cathedral, which is among the most beautiful in the country. Hollywood also noticed this and chose the Norman cathedral as the filming location for two of the Harry Potter films. One thing is for sure: Durham’s medieval atmosphere will excite not only magic buffs.

Edinburgh – the mystique city

A tour through Great Britain cannot end without a trip to Scotland: That’s why our journey continues to Edinburgh, the second largest city in Scotland and capital of the region since the 15th century.

Of course there are also elements of history to discover, as a visit to Edinburgh Castle reveals much about life in the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. With the Stone of Scone, a stone block used in the coronation ceremonies of Scottish kings during the Middle Ages, the castle has since 1996 exhibited an element that reflects the Scottish fondness for legends. The old town is also presented as mystical, not only after one has tasted its world-famous Whisky.

Glasgow – the tolerant city

With nearly 600,000 inhabitants, Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, and after London and Birmingham, even the third largest in Great Britain. For thousands of years villages on this site have left their marks. Especially in the Middle Ages and the Modern Age, when impressive monuments such as St. Mungo Cathedral and Glasgow University were built.

During the industrial revolution the city played an important role being elevated to a trade center with the British colonies. The traces of that development are still clearly visible today.

Liverpool – the musical city

Whoever listens to the sounds of Liverpool inevitably has music in his ear, since the prints the Beatles left are indelible. But not only the dyed-in-the-wool fans of the legendary Rock band will enjoy the visit, because Liverpool, with its historic harbor district that was included in Unesco’s world heritage list in 2004, knows how to excite the visitor.

Bristol – the romantic city

The sixth largest city in Great Britain has existed since the beginning of the 11th century and is recognized as one of the most beautiful places in England. Thanks to its location between the sea and a gently rugged landscape, it has a particularly romantic aura.

But even here Pop culture has left its traces: as the hometown of the graffiti artist Banksy, the walls here are adorned by some works of art. It is worth discovering these images as well as taking a walk through the medieval historic center.

Bath – the relaxed city

Bath, the name says it all. This city in west England has been known for its springs since Roman times. As a spa of the wealthy elite it developed further however during the reign of Elizabeth I. Impressive masterpieces of architecture such as the Royal Crescent, which belongs to the Unesco World Heritage List, still bear witness to this development.

Bournemouth – the picturesque city

Our journey ends in Bournemouth, one of the most popular holiday destinations on the British coast. Strolling along Britain’s warmer, drier and sunniest coastlines, you can let your soul wander, and dream of new travel adventures.

Do you feel like breathing in the inspiring British air?

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