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Peterhof is one of the world’s most famous palace-park ensembles:
500 acres of wonderful parks, 200+ statues of ancient gods and heroes, 176 fountains of various forms and styles, four cascades, majestic palaces and a whole lot of decadence. As a former residence of the Russian monarchs, Peterhof brings together the finest achievements in national and international culture of the 18-19th centuries. This unique complex was created by outstanding architects, decorators and sculptors, whose spectacular works of art slot perfectly into the natural beauty of the coastal landscape. Peter the Great planned Peterhof as the residence of a sea king. This was to be his incarnation of Russia as a great European power, with a foothold on the shores of the world’s oceans, capable of competing with the finest Western courts — above all, with Versailles.

Even a few hours here are enough to feel the spirit of history, which still lives on and breathes in this magnificent place.

Be sure to not miss out on the stunning Fountains Show that takes place daily from May to mid October. This little bonus will be part of the tour for those lucky enough to be around at that time!

5 hours