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Formerly the sailors of the north used to terrify Europe; today their heritage attracts tourists from all over the world to Scandinavia, which brings together modernity, urbanity and virgin nature like no other region of Europe. Let yourself be enchanted by the Nordic charm and come and discover the “Viking Empire” with us!

First stop: Copenhagen

Our journey begins in the Danish capital, one of the most important metropolises in northern Europe. We will experience it from its most attractive side on a wide promenade, as our program not only includes a visit to the town hall and Christiansborg Castle, but also the romantic walk of Nyhavn, where the famous short story writer, Hans Christian Andersen lived temporarily. Today this area, which was full of tavern for sailors and outlaws between the 19th and 20th centuries, is a meeting point appreciated by tourists and locals. Why this is so, we don’t need to explain; you’ll check it on site.

Since a stay in Copenhagen would not be complete without a visit to the symbol of the city. The first thing we want to see is of course the “Little Mermaid”- The bronze figure on the Langelinie coastal promenade depicts a character from the tale of the same name. Its sculptor, Edvard Eriksen, was not only inspired by fantastic stories, but also in reality, so the head of the figure is a portrait of the first dancer, Ellen Price. For the body of the figure, the artist turned to his own wife Eline. ?

Between Vikings and industry: Aarhus

The impressions we collect on that day are still dormant the next morning when we set off for Aarhus. Before arriving in the second largest city of Denmark, we’ll stop at Odense on the island of Fünen, the peaceful birthplace of Hans-Christian Andersen. Certainly, Odense also has a lot to offer economically and monumentally. If Mark Zuckerberg has his way, the eighth Facebook calculation center will be established here soon.

No less marked by trade and the economy is our true destiny, Aarhus, where we arrive in the early afternoon. Founded as a Viking settlement, the city looks back on a long history. Today the city is a university center that is defined by its young spirit, modernity, science and culture. It is no coincidence that Aarhus received the title of “cultural capital of Europe” during 2017.

Around the sea: Kristiansand and Stavanger

Following the trail of the Vikings without leaving the mainland is not possible from time to time. That´s why we leave Danish soil in Hirtshals, to depart by ferry towards the north.

Beyond the North Sea we are immediately greeted by a very picturesque town, Kristiansand. In summer the southern Norwegian city of 89,760 inhabitants is even one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. This does not amaze, as the sun, the beaches, zoo and its amusement park make the city, whose roots date back to the Stone Age, an attractive destination for young and old.

We do not stop for long, as our journey continues towards Stavanger, known for its romantic old town of 173 wooden houses. With one night’s accommodation, we enjoy its quiet atmosphere and recharge energy for our next stage.

With the best views: From Bergen to Oslo

As we follow the Norwegian coast our journey becomes more spectacular and adventurous, since we cross numerous tunnels and bridges to finally go aboard a ferry once more on two occasions. Now iwe will have not only the camera always at the ready, but also our next destination in sight: the ancient Norwegian city of Bergen. Monuments such as the famous church of St. Mary and the Hanseatic quarter of Bryggen will fascinate you as much as the proximity to nature. But you’re your umbrella ready, as Bergen is rightly considered to be the city with the most rainfall in Europe.

The next morning after a hearty breakfast we head for the Norwegian capital. The road to Oslo is not at all boring, as different forests, glaciers and lakes accompany us throughout the journey. At Flam we even take time during a ferry trip to enjoy a close look at the most beautiful part of the Sognefjord. It´s not every day that you have the opportunity to see the longest fjord in Europe, which Is 204 km long and 1308 meters deep.

And that’s not all; Oslo which we arrived at after a bus ride, also has a lot to offer. “The capital of the Vikings” lies snug in its location between fjords and forests. That’s why we take time to enjoy its beauty and monuments (including the Royal Palace, City Hall, Parliament and Vigeland Park). We leave the free afternoon for recreation in the area of Aker Brygge, which awaits us with shopping, entertainment and its gastronomic pleasures.

From Värmland to Helsinki, passing through Stockholm

We say goodbye to Norway the next morning with many special impressions in our luggage. The next stage of our journey takes us along the idyllic Swedish region of Värmland to the metropolis of Stockholm, which we will get to know more closely during our tour.

Refreshed and rested we cross the sea again from the Swedish capital, this time towards Finland. We’ll spent the night in the North Sea on board the cruise Silja Line, enjoying the views and the gastronomic delights, before arriving in the Finnish capital. Since almost half of the area of Helsinki consists of green spaces, nothing prevents us from enjoying nature. The “white city” will also enthral us with many monuments, such as its imposing cathedral.

Finally we have a special recommendation for you: enjoy the unique atmosphere of this city by walking along the commercial mile of Aleksanterinkatu and Esplanadi, thus finishing your tour of the northern countries with a wonderful afternoon on the promenade overlooking the sea, just as the Vikings would have done.

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