Visita del barrio judío de Varsovia con SATO TOURS

The history of Warsaw Jews begins in the medieval times. For centuries they were important part of inhabitants of Warsaw and its surrounding– before the World War II Jews constituted 30 percent of Warsaw citizens.

The tour on the trail of Jewish heritage takes you to places where you can still admire the climate of pre-war multi-cultural Warsaw. You will visit the only synagogue which survived WW II and the Jewish cemetery where famous rabbis, Tzadiks, and Jewish families are buried. You will discover what the words menorah, Torah, Aron Kodesh and mezuzah mean. You will also learn about the symbolic meaning and architecture of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the only museum in the world dedicated to the history and present of Polish Jews.

*On Fridays pm, on Saturdays, during Jewish holidays and Polish national holidays synagogues and cemetery are closed.

*On Tuesdays, during Polish national holidays the Museum of History of Polish Jews (POLIN) is closed.

4 hours