Uppsala and Sigtuna with SATO TOURS

Take advantage of your stay in Stockholm to discover the Swedish viking era heritage during this day trip to the towns of Uppsala and Sigtuna, the oldest existing Swedish town.

The itinerary starts with a picturesque drive through the stunning Swedish countryside. We will stop to admire the well-preserved runic stones and Viking settlements on the way to Uppsala. Once arrived, we will walk the quaint streets of this medieval university city. Along the way, you will see the main attractions of Uppsala Cathedral, University and the Holy Trinity Church. Uppsala was also the home of iconic Swedish King Gustav Vasa, who is regarded as the founder of modern Sweden. An incredible history dating back to Viking times and the spirit of learning remain at Uppsala’s heart.

Later we will move to the historic town of Sigtuna, Once a major marketplace for the Viking, is not only the oldest existing Swedish town, but has kept also its original historic atmosphere with traditional wooden houses, church ruins and a street originating in the Viking age.

6.0 hours